Welcome to “The Future of Data”, I hope you will follow me for a long time :)

Every day we have more and more data, it grows exponentially and helps us make better decisions. Predictions about the future of data have changed frequently for many years, with many even coming true sooner than expected. The tools we have for data processing are also evolving at an increasing rate. What seemed like a very distant future arrives sooner than expected and becomes the present.

Table of Contents
  1. A bit of history
  2. SQL Server Yes! my old blog
  3. The future of data
  4. News on the future of data blog
  5. I will share a lot of Content and Resources with you

A bit of history

I started my first website, helpdna.net (now defunct), in 2001. Quite a challenge, seen today, all done in HTML.

It was the most generalist site I've ever had and the most development-oriented I've ever had. In it he talked about pretty much everything related to the world of application development with the latest Microsoft tools and technologies of the time. In fact DNA is the acronym for Distributed Network Architecture. Surely the older people of the place remember her. Well, let's leave the youth comics here, it's not even about boring you 🙂

SQL Server Yes! my old blog

But the reality is that most of my posts were about SQL Server. This was the main reason that led me to let my first website die and create SQL Server Yes!

Here I started talking about SQL Server in general, both the relational engine, BI services and also topics of dimensional modeling, Data Warehouse, visualization, etc. Little by little, publications related to the BI & Analytics area increased, until reaching a time when there were very few publications on the SQL Server relational engine. Nowadays pretty much everything I write is about Business Analytics. For this reason the name of the blog is no longer descriptive of the content I publish. On the other hand, even though I have my own domain, it is part of blogger, which comes from Google.

I have made the firm decision to have my own site, with my own domain, with everything installed on the hosting I decide and for the time I decide. I could have done it with the old name "SQL Server Yes!", but given the topic I'm dealing with today I also decided to create everything new. Of course, I'll keep it sqlserversi.blogspot.com, but I haven't written there in a while. I invite all my readers to follow me The future of data.

The future of data

My mission is to help you turn data into good decisions. To accomplish this, I will publish information that I come across on a daily basis and that I think is important and interesting to read, as well as a series of more elaborate posts in which I raise problems I frequently encounter in my work and their solutions. And of course, the interesting developments that occur.

Initially I created three categories in which I will group all the publications and which I will share with you so that you have a clear idea of ​​the topics I will cover here:

  • Business analysis
  • Microsoft data platform
  • Power BI

Although the main topic of my posts on this blog will be about Power BI.

It is very likely that I will insert new categories later, depending on my professional evolution and the evolution of the market.

News on the future of data blog

Another novelty that I have incorporated is that I will not publish exclusively for "computer scientists" as I have done so far. Let me explain 🙂

On my previous sites, virtually all publications were aimed at IT (Information Technology) personnel: developers, DBAs, systems technicians, etc. From now on I will broaden the scope of my audience with publications that will also interest people from other business sectors, such as controllers, financiers, salespeople, administration, purchasing, logistics personnel, etc. In short, I hope this new site is useful to all of you who are interested in knowing how to store, leverage, and analyze your data so you can make better decisions, primarily with Power BI.

New posts will arrive soon. Below I outline the best options for keeping you informed about what's happening on this new site.

I will share a lot of Content and Resources with you

If you want to be updated and have all the Resources I will share at your fingertips, go here -> Resources

Among them, you have the following:

Once you have downloaded any of the available Resources, you will be subscribed to my newsletter and through it I will tell you many interesting stories and news for your professional future with Power BI and for your company.

If you want to read other articles similar to Welcome to “The Future of Data”, I hope you will follow me for a long time :) you can visit the category Power BI.

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