Upload Excel files to Power BI

Surely in your daily life you have to upload Excel files to Power BI.

It is a very frequent use, who does not have information in these formats and needs to analyze it? We all have it, in all companies there is information in Excel files.

Also in text file or CSV format. Everything you will see here is applicable to each of them.

Sometimes because they send you information in these formats.

Other times because from your applications and your ERP or your CRM you can export queries and reports in these formats.

The reality I know is this...

In my nearly 30 years of experience, I have yet to be in a company where this doesn't happen.

None in 30 years.


So we get the most out of these files.

Furthermore, this is often essential information for data analysis and decision making.

In this article I'll go a step further and help you understand data models in Power BI a little better and what you should do during the process of ingesting, transforming, and loading data with Power Query.

When we have these types of files, they have many uses.

They're great for many of these uses... Especially for opening or importing them into Excel.

But not to load them like in Power BI.

Power BI is much more than a report designer, it is a tool with which to create Business Intelligence solutions.

Power BI is a data model-based tool.

Templates are a key and essential piece. Good design of these models is essential.

And precisely…

The columnar structure of these file types is far from an optimal design for Power BI.


Load Excel files into Power BI seamlessly

Or text file.

CSV files.

But first you have to make the appropriate transformations to transform it into an optimal drawing, with the tables and relations you need.

You need to convert it to a data model with a schema in «star«.

In this videoI show you in detail how to optimally load Excel files, text files and CSV files into Power BI and which steps you should follow.

I hope that from now on you will improve and optimize your data models in Power BI by following the techniques explained and presented step by step in this video.


If you need to upload Excel files, text files and CSV files into Power BI...

Generate a star model from them, using Power Query and following the good practices shown in the video.

Well, now the decision is yours:

Not generating star models is one of the 3 most damaging mistakes made with Power BI. If you want to avoid them, do so click in the following image e download this guide:


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