Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, some new features

As many of you already know, we will have a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (2017) in the near future. This week at “Limited Beta” (Limited Beta) of the product, as well as a short document with the new features incorporated into it (not all).

In this publication I want to give you a brief summary of these
news or rather, everything that I am allowed to tell every day
today 😉 (so “pulling out your gray hairs”, for those of us who study EGB and enjoy watching “One, two, three”, I will tell you: “And so far I can read...!").

Basically we could say that the improvements and changes introduced are based on these 3 pillars:

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As expected, The integration with Office 365 will be much stronger,
for example, being able to interact directly from Outlook. A
An example of this is that we will be able to access NAV customer data
from a recorded appointment in Outlook or synchronize the

THE integration with PowerBI in a more transparent way is another aspect that I think will be very interesting.


In this section we will see several very interesting improvements, of which
that I will give you some brush strokes (first of all because it doesn't have
It makes a lot of sense to go into details until they make the news.
"definitive", and secondly because I practically can't do it
from the confidentiality agreement :-p):

  • Projects: A new role for “Project Manager” is added,
    where the goal is for users to have a broader vision
    clear about "their projects", as well as carrying out activities such as
    "billing". And... finally... you can generate an offer from
    project! (something we have been asking for many years and more
    era of “must-have” customizations. Another interesting (and clarifying) change is that the concept of a “contract” type line is now called “billable”.
  • Finance: Very interesting things are added like
    “categorization” of accounting accounts, which will allow us to apply
    different filters more clearly and easily and will improve the
    Experience in preparing financial reports. He has been
    The configuration and management of "Assets" has also been simplified.
    They have added some improvements to the "Portfolio" module.
  • Products- Added ability to include
    “attributes” to products, for example: color, size, country of
    production… or really whatever we want. Of course we can filter
    for these values. We will also have the possibility to classify them and
    to group attributes within these categories.
  • CRM: have been significantly improved and simplified
    significantly the Dynamics NAV CRM module, which many
    They thought it had been abandoned to make way for integration
    definitive with Dynamics CRM and nothing could be further from the truth. It will be a
    customer choice, obviously the module does not have the capabilities of
    Dynamics CRM, and for this reason it has also been improved and simplified
    the process of integration (or coexistence) between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics
  • Others: Many other changes are also incorporated
    interesting, how to cancel registered subscriptions (yes, yes,... it already was
    time) and the data is also reported on the sales invoices
    linked to the traceability of the lines, which was also a lot
    accused. Another feature we will find will be
    “smart notifications”, which will appear in several
    areas of the application (for example, to notify us of stock or if
    a customer has an outstanding balance, etc.).

There are also changes to the platform, especially with things
"that are not seen", but also with those that are, such as the visualization of
the lists, as I have already written in a previous post on “Madera” project.


After this advertising slogan like this “Cold” comes a quantity of
improvements and innovations that will revolutionize the future and evolution of
Product. We obviously talk about everything related to integration with
Cortana Intelligence” to make predictions, of “PowerApps and Microsoft Flow” to develop solutions that we can connect (and publish on AppSource, as I have already announced in a previous post), and naturally "Extensions”.

with its defenders and its detractors, it is the future of NAV, and it is where
Microsoft has an absolute commitment and indicates where they will run
more substantial changes.

With the "extensions" of NAV 2017 we will have many more possibilities
compared to the "first edition" included in the 2016 NAV. In fact, with the
the basic product includes some such as “Paypal”.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this mini-review of the new features in the limited beta version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

I wait for you on October 20th in my webinar where we will see everything in a little more detail and the final product.

Greetings, Miguel Llorca.

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