Meetup: discover Customer Insights with real examples

Want to experience the full power of a real-time customer data platform?

In this session, Demian Raschkovan (Microsoft MVP) will give us a first-hand tour, with real-world examples, where we can see how we collect transactional, behavioral and demographic data in real time, which will help us have a 360ΒΊ view in real time of our customers.

We will be able to know the intentions of our customers, study their interactions and even anticipate their needs.

With all this we will always know how to take the right initiative!

Demian needs no introduction, he is an international leader in the sector, with many years of experience behind him. And of course, besides being a piece of crack, he's a great friend!

If you weren't able to participate I recommend you watch the recording 😊 and we'll see you next time!!

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