Learn Power BI in Spanish What is the most appropriate path for me?

In this article I will expose various paths that will help you learn Power BI in Spanish. I'll talk about websites, books, courses and tools to help you on your journey.

Improve your knowledge and experience in BI & Analytics, using what I consider one of the best solutions on the market: Power BIIt's something that takes a lot of time and dedication. That doesn't mean we can't solve some of our problems right from the start, as proof of that you have my gift:

The guide Power BI: the 3 most harmful mistakes and how to avoid them

But the reality is that we never know 100% about these types of tools, we are always learning.

In this learning there is a very important topic, which many times is not taken into account. In addition to mastering the tool, if you do not acquire good data modeling fundamentals and knowledge of appropriate visualization techniques, it will be impossible to achieve good results.

Have you been using Excel for a while? Do you consider yourself a very advanced user? Even in the latter case, you will have seen that every day you continue to learn things you didn't know. Surely with that level you will hardly discover an option you didn't know about, but rather you will learn from the problems and solutions shared by other colleagues.

Plus, now with the new Power BI add-ins built into Excel: Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map you have a whole new world to discover. Do you want to learn Power BI? ????

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can learn practically any subject, all you need is a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet... and a lot of desire. The biggest problem we encounter is not (far from it) finding content, but separating quality content from poor content that gives us nothing and wastes our precious time.

My goal in this blog, “The Future of Data”, and now with this article in particular, is to help you navigate the path, providing you with the information I have collected over the years, even a small part of it, the I have generated

Table of Contents
  1. Where to start
  2. Learn Power BI in Spanish, the best way I know how
  3. Learn Power BI in Spanish, only with free content
    1. Power BI 360º: Build your dashboard in 11 weeks. With your data and for your company, always accompanied by a mentor.

Where to start

I will first make a general reflection, even at the risk of discrepancies. By the way, I hope there are and that you leave me comments about it. It will be very enriching for everyone????

The first thing we need to define is what our starting point is. I mention the most common ones here to help you identify your current situation:

  1. I know Excel, but I know nothing about Power BI or BI and Analytics. Yes, I've read a little about it, but nothing more.
  2. I've been reading about Power BI for a while and doing some testing. I find it interesting, I want to learn
  3. Even though I still have a basic level, I am already using Power BI in my daily life, but I encounter several problems that I don't know how to solve
  4. I consider myself an intermediate to advanced user of the tool, I have created a wide variety of reports and dashboards with Power BI

If you can think of anything else, leave a comment with your contributions and I assure you that you will, at least, have my opinion and my answer.

Learn Power BI in Spanish, the best way I know how

In this case allow me to be a little impartial???? I will recommend my Power BI course with tutoring included:

Power BI 360º: Create your dashboard in 11 weeks. With your data and for your company, always accompanied by a mentor (click here)

It is a process of transformation of 11 weeks in duration, with live online lessons where you will create a file Stunning dashboard for your business:

  • This answers your business questions
  • Which updates automatically
  • To which you can add new reports efficiently
  • This allows you to find out the reason for what happened
  • Without dependence on external consultants
  • Adapted to your business and your goals

In the over 20 years that I have dedicated to the transfer of my knowledge, thanks to the thousands of students with whom I have shared a classroom (in person or online) and to the self-analysis I have carried out to improve day after day. Today I have come to the conclusion that it is better to learn, practice, let some time pass and continue to steadily incorporate knowledge and experience. For this reason I decided to opt for training, supplemented by tutoring, with a commitment of several hours per week, constantly for 11 weeks, instead of intensive training. And, obviously, aimed at a small group of students (maximum 20) to be able to offer you personalized follow-up.

If you want to know all the details, just follow these steps:

  1. Book a few minutes, without your cell phone, without interruptions
  2. Click this link to POWER BI 360º Mentoring Program
  3. Read all the details carefully
  4. Talk to me and we will clarify all your doubts, without intermediaries or sellers involved.

I'll accompany you on your journey to improve your knowledge in Power BI. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

Learn Power BI in Spanish, only with free content

To date, there is very little material on Power BI available in Spanish. I'll try to compile what I found here.

Some blogs from Spanish colleagues:

The future of data (are you already there????)

Amby.Net (Blog by Ana María Bisbé, information on SQL Server, BI,)

Luis Miguel Blanco's blog (mainly deals with PowerPivot, DAX and SQL Server)

Channels and playlists on YouTube:

The future of data on YouTube (there is still little, if you sign up you will discover all the news)

This playlist (several introductory videos and others aimed at marketing profiles and bloggers)


My collection of 5 books published by SolidQ, I leave you two posts in which I talk about them: BI e

1.BI and analytics 2.Data Warehouse

3.Power Query 4.PowerPivot and DAX 5.Visualization

If you know other material about Power BI for free in Spanish, share it with all other readers by leaving a comment.

And finally, if you speak English, there is a lot of information, I recommend the site sqlbiby Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari.

In Spanish, the best way I know is the “Power BI 360º” mentoring program, I invite you to take a few minutes to learn about it in depth:

Power BI 360º: Build your dashboard in 11 weeks. With your data and for your company, always accompanied by a mentor.

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