Install Power BI Desktop and create your first dashboard step by step

I propose Install Power BI Desktop and create your first dashboard. Guided step by step by a video tutorial and a PDF document.

You will have a dashboard created on your computer. You will see that it is very simple, these are the steps that I recommend you follow:

Table of Contents
  1. Go to the Power BI page
  2. Download Power BI Desktop
  3. Install Power BI Desktop
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  5. This isn't over, it's just begun.

Go to the Power BI page

Visit and discover the details of this excellent Business Intelligence and Analytics solution

Download Power BI Desktop

Check the characteristics of your computer, whether it is an x86 (32-bit computer) or x64 (64-bit computer). Based on the above, select the version of Power BI Desktop to download.

Install Power BI Desktop

Once downloaded, the next step is to install it. You'll see that it's very simple, basically it's a matter of clicking Next... Next to the end. Installing Power BI Desktop is very simple, there is nothing to configure, other than marking that you accept the license agreement and choosing the folder where you will install (which I also recommend leaving the value that appears by default). However, there are some aspects to take into consideration, such as choosing the 32 or 64 bit version. In this video you can see the whole process to install Power BI Desktop on your computer and I will give you a series of tips that will avoid problems later ????

IMPORTANT NOTE: Everything evolves, even my website ???? Now the page is different than the one where I made the video, but the URL and the giveaway are the same,

Remember, it's time to get serious about Power BI. Don't continue to delay this opportunity. Set aside an hour of your time and I promise you will get it back this week if you start applying what you have learned.

It makes no sense today that you still don't install Power BI Desktop on your computer. Once installed, you have to use it and quickly and easily see the great potential it has to create your reports and forget about boring and repetitive tasks that take so much time. Yes, the ones that keep you from doing your real job: analyzing up-to-date information and making better decisions.

And remember what I said at the end of the video, there's an interesting surprise for everyone who completes the step-by-step guide to creating your first Control Panel and complete the required answers. Will you be one of my outstanding students or will you continue to leave it for later?

Subscribe to this blog “The Future of Data”

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But if you aren't yet, it's time to do it subscribewhich will allow you to stay informed and not miss any of the publications that appear.

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Power BI: the 3 most harmful mistakes and how to avoid them

This isn't over, it's just begun.

Well, did you think you were done? Absolutely! in reverse. You're just getting started!

It's time to continue training with the tool, to start learning about it. You won't think of abandoning her and forgetting her now. I just wanted to demonstrate to you as quickly as possible the great analytical power you have at your disposal.

Later, in other articles, I will advise you on how to move forward on this new path you have just started.

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