Dashboards and Power BI – Best Practices

Table of Contents
  1. Dashboards and Power BI
  2. Steps to follow to create better reports with Power BI
  3. I summarize my method step by step:
  4. I'll help you create the dashboards your business needs using Power BI

Dashboards and Power BI

If you want to create the best dashboards in Power BI, I invite you to follow my step-by-step methodology and the visualization techniques I'm about to show you.

We'll start with the best foundation I can recommend: "ask the best business questions." Yes, the better your questions, the better and better answers you will get. And, thanks to them, you will make better decisions in your business.

But it doesn't end here. Once you have the numerical answers and values ​​of your KPIs, one very important task remains: "APPLY THE BEST VIEWS ON THEM".

A dashboard is a set of visualizations that provide clear and concise answers to a set of priority questions about a business process, so you can make quick and accurate decisions.

Steps to follow to create better reports with Power BI

In this video I will show you the entire process step by step so you can create the best dashboards for your business. Just follow this methodology????

Power BI: ????Create BETTER reports and dashboards with these steps

✅ Create better reports and dashboards with Power BI by applying the appropriate visualization techniques.

✅You will receive better answers to your business problems, they will help you make better decisions.

✅And remember! ☝️Your dashboards and reports with Power BI must provide optimal, clear and concise answers.

These are the points covered in the video:

00:00 Presentation Salvador Ramos
01:19 From Excel to Power BI. It's not just a change of instrument. Change your fundamentals and methods if you want to succeed
02:00 Do you like these dashboards?
04:05 Data visualization techniques and dashboard design. The best books.
07:30 Steps to follow to build the sales dashboard that I will present
10.37am Sales dashboard. We navigate it and get the answers we are looking for
17:41 It's not about "do you like it/don't you like it", but rather about answering your business questions? Is it clear and useful? Do you provide quick data-backed solutions using this dashboard?
19:56 But there's more to it than just visualization. Power BI is like an iceberg, the visible part (reports and dashboards) is only 20%, the remaining 80% cannot be seen but is vital. Don't miss this part, it is fundamental and gives meaning to your solutions with Power BI
11.32pm Conclusions and surprise gift

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I summarize my method step by step:

  1. Ask the best business questions, invest time in preparing them and then grouping them in your Dashboards
  2. Design a stellar data model that answers “all” your questions
  3. Extract, transform and load your data into your Power BI model
  4. Optimize the model so that responses are immediate
  5. Calculate the KPIs you need
  6. Design the different pages of the report and create interactions between them to facilitate navigation. Apply the best data visualization and dashboard design techniques
  7. Analyze, share and make better decisions with always up-to-date information

Once you follow the method step by step, your cycle boils down to:

  1. Ask yourself new business questions
  2. Get the answer instantly in Power BI

You have everything developed in the video with a step by step example.

I'll help you create the dashboards your business needs using Power BI

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