🧹 EVERYTHING IN ORDER ✨ New Microsoft Teams App “Meet”: unified, centralized and at your fingertips

Meet is a new app that we have available in Microsoft Teams, which we could really define as a "workspace" where we can manage our meetings.

🧹 EVERYTHING unified, centralized and at your fingertips

Thanks to this plugin we will be able, from one place, to prepare for upcoming meetings, recover meetings that we were unable to attend, access recordings and documents, chats and summaries, etc.

What exactly will we find?

  1. View upcoming meetings:

At first glance we will have a scrolling element with all the cards corresponding to the meetings we have planned in the future. From there we can:

  • Find out the dates and times of the next meetings.
  • Access shared meeting materials (previous readings, agenda, etc.).
  • Find out who is invited or attending a meeting.
  • Communicate with meeting participants via chat.
  • View and resolve range conflicts.
  • Reschedule or propose new meeting times.
  • Respond to meetings.
  • Manage meeting settings and options (if we are the organizers, of course 😉)
  1. Prepare for meetings:

We can make the most of it by reviewing the shared materials beforehand. We will be able to easily view and open meeting materials attached to the meeting for greater context.

In the "Next" section of the Meet app in Teams, we can also confirm our participation to inform the organizer of our presence, see who is invited or join an upcoming meeting and much more.

  1. Manage the meetings we have organised:

In Meet we can view and manage the meetings we have organised. Let's see who has already responded, select "Send alert" to send an alert message in the meeting chat or select "Reschedule" to change the meeting time. Teams will inform us of any range conflicts prior to the update.

  1. Join a meeting:

Because we can see which meetings have already started and for how long, we'll be able to select Join to join a Teams meeting or use the "Be Late" action to inform meeting participants that we'll be joining soon.

  1. Review past meetings:

We can recover missed ones or refer to previous meeting details in the "Recent" section of Meet. We get straight to the information most relevant to us with intelligent, AI-powered meeting summary capabilities, available with a Teams Premium subscription. We choose from several tabs to focus on the type of meeting content we want to review.

In the tabs we select:

  • All to see all previous meetings and their details.
  • Content to access shared materials from previous meetings.
  • Missing the view of details of past meetings that we were invited to but did not attend, available in Teams Premium.
  • Registered to view available previous meeting recordings.
  • @Mentions to view and review moments from previous meetings where your name was mentioned, available in Teams Premium.

We can also view more detailed information about a past meeting by hovering over the meeting and selecting View Summary. This brings us to the summary of the meeting.

  1. Add the Meet app in Teams:

To add Meet to Teams, in the Microsoft Teams app bar, select More added apps, find Meet, and select the Meet app to add it. To add Meet to your app bar, right-click it and select Add.

In summary:

Meetings in Microsoft Teams revolutionize the way we manage meetings by offering a unified and centralized space. This innovative application makes it easier for us to prepare for future meetings, review past meetings, and interact efficiently with other participants. It stands out for its ability to manage and access materials, chats and summaries, significantly improving organization and efficiency. With features such as managing invitations, reviewing previous materials, resolving scheduling conflicts, and reviewing past meetings, Meet in Teams is positioned as an essential tool for effective collaboration and communication in the workplace.

Do you want to see it? Well I'll show you everything in this video 😊

New Meet app in Microsoft Teams

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