What is a PowerAddict?

This is what it could be roughly defined as – An individual with an almost obsessive need and desire to bring positive change, solve problems and automate processes with the Microsoft Power Platform. Watch this short video to learn more about the #PowerAddicts global community.

How do I become a PowerAddict? What are the benefits?

If you are reading this, chances are you are already a #PowerAddict or will become one soon.

To become a #PowerAddict, you need Love for the community.

Benefit of being a #PowerAddict – Love from the community (lots of it).

What are these hangout videos?

A bunch of the #PowerAddicts from different parts of the world came up with the idea of doing live videos that serves as a platform for the rising #PowerAddicts to showcase the amazing things they are building with the Power Platform. And also, it’s just fun to get together every month to geek out about the Power Platform. 😀

Where can I find details about the next live hangout?

The details about all the hangouts will be posted on this website here – Hangout Announcements . It will also be shared on Twitter, just look out for the #PowerAddicts . To get the details of all the hangouts in your e-mail, subscribe to this website.

What if I miss the live hangout?

All the hangouts are recorded and posted on the PowerAddicts YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Can I ask Power Platform related questions on this website?

This website was created as a place to host the details about the hangouts as people were missing out on some of these as they couldn’t catch it on Twitter. The best place to ask your questions is on the Power Platform community forum . You can also ask questions on Twitter with the hashtag #PowerAddicts and somebody somewhere in the world will be looking at it and might have a solution for you.